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About Us

Shreemat Orchid led lights is the leading brand in manufacturing and supplying of lighting fixture. Our company has cover many light fixtures like Led Panel Lights , Surface Panel , Batten Lights, COB, Strips, 2×2 panel, Street, Flood Lights and Integrated Solar Street and Flood Lights providing extensive range of quality fitting in commercial / residential indoor and outdoor lighting at the most effective cost.

Shreemat Orchid led lights is a product of Shreemat Group . This group is very renowned group working in different area of manufacturing , export, such as pharmaceutical products and construction and developing residential societies, shopping malls and complexes in NCR area.

We also started manufacturing of BLDC Ceiling Fan with a new and latest technology to reduce the cost of electricity.

Lighting design plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of indoor and outdoor spaces. Walls adorned with strategically placed lights can create a warm ambiance, emphasizing architectural features and adding depth to the overall atmosphere. In gardens, well-designed lighting can transform the outdoor area into a magical space, allowing the natural beauty to shine even after sunset. Subtle garden lights along pathways ensure safety and guide visitors, while accent lights illuminate trees and plants, casting enchanting shadows. Wall-mounted fixtures can define the garden's boundaries, providing a sense of security.